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Do you have the ability to enjoy the present moment,...You have discovered the online dominance and submission community.Definitely an evening fragrance or winter warmth spicey fragrance. The little old ladies come into our fragrance department and drench themselves in it until it runs down their neck. I think this is one of those perfumes that can easily over do. lol, I saw a bottle of Obsession edp sitting there I sprayed some on my arm and OMG was it’s gorgeous. :) Nowadays, no perfume (apart from Arabians) is made with natural animal secretions such as civet musk, (now is civetone). I got a partial bottle of this from my Mother, and turns out it is the old formulation. This is a slight dislike that turned into a big like for me. Middle stage is nice, cinnamon and civet but the amber cinnamon caramel after a few hours is the best. I love how you can smell an aura of sweetness around the person wearing it. I may try Must de Cartier as its supposed to be similar but more decadent than this.For some reason every time I buy a bottle for myself I end up not liking it and end up selling it. If you buy vintage, probably it will be poor civet's musk (the animal had to be killed for the manufacture). When I first sprayed it, I thought I would not like it- the first sniff was a strong, powdery hit that I thought would turn into what I thought of as a "Bank of England" smell (edit: when I first wrote this review I didn't know about the conversations surrounding labeling fragrances that way). The ultimate in warm, comfort, cozy winter perfumes. I still want to try the new Obsession just out of curiosity. The problem is, I am not a fan of the initial green note upon spraying. I tested a sample of Obsession that I had and I instantly fell in love!SINGLE, FUNNY, TOLD VERY HANDSOME,:-)CONFIDENT, PASSIONATE ENERGETIC GUY, WITH AMAZING HEART, WHO KNOWS HOW TO RESPECT, AND, TREAT A LADY.:-)SEARCHING FOR THAT ONE LUCKY LADY, WHO LIKES TO LAUGH AND KNOWS...

This sweetness is exactly the smell of a tobacco pipe smoke. and on my skin, no matter how many hours passed, I still can smell pipe smoke. Obsession is my guilty pleasure, although I'll readily admit to it. I felt like I was full leathers in a saddle in the hot sun.Once you go Obsession you never like flowery girly scent! Try enhancing by combining it with a spray of Tabu, it will envelope you with exotic incense. It’s lovely if you wear it right I took a shower and sprayed 4 sprays on my shirt and my goodness this shit is strong. I have made this one of my signature scents along side my beloved beautiful. What’s pitiful is when you are a perfume addict such as myself, all you have too do is see perfume and most likely you end up in the perfume counter. He cuddles up into my sweater, breathes in, and lets out a loving sigh. It also works out because he wears Obsession for Men, so we smell great together when I choose this. I like scents to have a bit of a kick and this still does not disappoint.I've also heard my share of stories about that great "Dom" turning out to be a female. I have yet to meet an obviously new "Dom" who is willing to admit that he knows next to nothing.My advice: You have the right to make a Dom earn your trust just as you must earn his. This is disturbing as great damage can be caused by dishonesty in this area. If no one answers, keep looking until you find a room willing to discuss your concerns.

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It's a skin scent on me after about 20 minutes, but it does last a long time. I was patient, and waited for the perfume to settle down. I recall her story of lost romance, her one true love,a policeman. wooooow finally a real perfume not chocolat not strawberry not plum not candy and caramel The first notes are green and somehow not so pleasant but when it settles it becomes beautifull I have not had the vintage but this is so powerfull and potent big like I won't describe the notes here coz enough comment from others but I'm here to share what Obsession personally means to me.

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