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In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning wears a silver and gold Valkyrie-like suit of armor with a shield on her left arm (though in her CG render it appears on the right arm).She has a new gunblade more closely resembling a traditional doubled-edged sword, which has Etro script on it.The Night Lotus shield on her left arm and the Crimson Blitz sword in her right hand are in homage to her Eidolon Odin.

Lightning is the second main female protagonist in a mainstream numbered Final Fantasy game, with Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI generally accepted in series fandom as being the first.

She resents Bhunivelze for robbing her of her emotions and his use of her situation to his advantage.

As her quest advances, Lightning begins to show compassion toward others because of her assigned task to save their souls.

She only looks out for herself and doesn't care if others are left behind.

Much of her motivation is fueled from what she perceives as failing to protect Serah leading her to lash out at those she believes are responsible for her fate: namely, the Sanctum, its fal'Cie and, to a point, Snow Villiers, due to his relationship with Serah and his failure to protect her as he promised.

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As she journeys with Hope Estheim, she acts as his mentor and surrogate mother figure.

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